Jan 09, 2010

Installing Archlinux on VirtualBox (on 10.6.2)

After a couple of days of digging through outdated and conflicting documentation, I finally figured out the proper steps. Then jamesconway from #vbox put it all nicely together:

As root:
    1. pacman -Syu xorg
        install entire group (is everything actually required?)
    2. pacman -S kernel26-headers gcc make
    3. Install guest additions
    4. X -configure
    5. change the mouse driver from "mouse" to "vboxmouse" in /root/xorg.conf.new
    6. mv /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    7. add hal to DAEMONS in rc.conf
        rc.vboxadd is not required because it is added to /etc/rc.local automatically
Not as root:
    8. add /usr/bin/VBoxClient-all to the top of ~/.xinitrc (even if it does not exist)