Nov 03, 2010

OS X system-wide EQ with Soundflower and AU Lab

Entirely free. Requires XCode.

  1. Download and install Soundflower.

  2. Open Audio MIDI Setup.

  3. Create Aggregate Device (Audio -> Open aggregate device editor), constisting of:

    1. Built-in output (or whatever output you need)
    2. Soundflower
  4. Set default output to Soundflower.

  5. Start audio. At this point you should hear nothing.

  6. Open AU Lab (/Developer/Applications/Audio/AU

  7. Add 1 stereo input track, set Audio Device to "Aggregate device". Click "Done".

  8. Now you should hear sound and see level meters move.

  9. In either Audio 1 or Output 1 strip, click Effects drop-down and select Apple Graphic EQ, or whatever else you want!