My name is not important. I'm a guy who lives and works in Northern California.

Reading people's blogs has been very useful and I want to give back. I have been fortunate to be able to do things others may find interesting.

Software engineering

I am a full stack engineer and I have been doing this for a living since 1998. I have worked in a lab, then an office, then spent several years freelancing. Now I'm back at a "regular" job in an awesome company.

I like Macs, Linux and Python.


I used to study audio engineering and electronic music theory as a hobby, purely out of fascination. Then I had spent a few years playing bass guitar in various bands, sometimes touring, sometimes recording.


The first dive happened in Mexico in the fall of 2011 and thus began an incredible journey. At the time of writing my training includes AOW, Nitrox, Overhead Sidemount and Intro to Cave; yet I am still a beginner.

Unlike engineering, music or art, diving does not produce a tangible result that others can readily experience. Diving is the experience, and a very personal one. The only way to share that is either by doing it together or by following other's accounts.

Diving is also a rapidly growing field. The community is heavily fragmented and information is hard to find. I hope to make this a little easier for the next person, by sharing what I have learned, experienced and analyzed. These posts are intended for new divers and those who are curious.

DISCLAIMER: Any information found on this site is NOT a substitute for proper training. Diving is dangerous and can kill. Please use your head, the author is not responsible for anyone else's actions.