Feb 10, 2010

G&L wiring and SC mod question

G&L L-series basses are Leo Fender's last creation. They are great. They feature two humbucking pickups and three configuration selector switches:

  • Pickup selector: neck/both/bridge
  • Series/parallel switch
  • Preamp: passive/active/active with treble boost

Original wiring: http://www.glguitars.com/schematics/ASATbass_L-2000_L2500_version1.pdf. Notice the 0.1 uF caps on the pickups in series — those are "bass boost" caps present in the early L-2*00 models. Later they were removed, which is a shame, they sounded great.

Not only they are beasts in their stock configuration, they are quite mod-friendly. A popular mod adds a single coil option. Here is a variation: https://home.comcast.net/~carol7david/GL_Wiring.doc.

#7 is what I'll probably do, with added DPDT push-pull switches. But there is one thing I don't get. Notice that the caps are present and how the neck cap is grounded, but the bridge cap connects to the bridge output. Why is that?