Mar 05, 2010

Eclipse plugins fail after installation (on Archlinux)

After installing Atlassian Connector in Eclipse and everything just goes to shit: all installed plugins disappear from preferences. The problem, as it turns out, lies in installing Eclipse as root (sudo pacman -S) and later installing plugins while Eclipse is running as non-root.

So, the right thing to do is either:

  • run Eclipse as root when installing packages; or
  • chown /usr/share/eclipse to the appropriate user.

Feb 09, 2010

Blank Java windows in Awesome

After updating to GWT 2.0.1 (official) and moving our project to a arch/vbox, I had a small adventure trying to get DevMode window to come up: it just wouldn't. The window just came up blank and nothing else happened.

It turns out you are running awesome, Java may not play nice. You need this:

And remember to export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true to make all your Eclipse buttons work correctly.

Thanks to selckin on ##gwt for wmname suggestion.

Jan 19, 2010

Debugging with PyDev

This is surprisingly elusive, so here it is. After creating a debug/run target with Run/Debug as... -> Python run, add this variable in the Environment tab:


If you're debugging Django, add another:


You will also want to add --noreload to your runserver argument.